Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Half-breed (A to Z Challenge Day 8)

Disoriented was only half of what I felt when I woke up.  A rough blanket stuck to my skin over patches of dark red splotches.  In front of me was a corpse.

“No…”  I shoved myself backwards until I hit a wall.  Someone moved in the corner, lit only by the coming sun through a window.  “No!  This was not what you promised.  You’ve broken our agreement.”

“I have not.”  He said.

“Do you think I’m a fool?  Look at what you’ve done!”  I couldn’t even look at the body’s face for fear that I could tell him who it was.

“It was not I who did this.  Our agreement was that you would come with me and I would not kill any more.  This is your doing.”

“Mine…” The blanket.  I examined my body.  No injuries.  And yet the red splotches were blood.  I ran my hands along my arms, my neck, and finally I found several raised scars just above my shoulder, a semi-circle above and one below.  The healing wounds of a bite.

“You will have a lower rank than me as your other form.”  He continued.  “Your instinct will be to bring me back food.  What yours is mine and what is mine, well, you can have the leftovers.”

“And what if I leave.  I could leave this place and if you are reliant on me than you will have to follow.”

“And where would you go?  Another town full of families with loved ones?  If that is your solution then you’re no better than me than you think you are.”

“But there are animals—“

“That are being hunted by the people.  There are not enough for the both of us anymore.  If I hunted the animals then the people would not eat and even more would die.”  If she cared enough she would be able to read the notes of regret in his voice.  “This is our curse.  We must feed.”

I'm-a make a deal with the bad wolf
So the bad wolf don't bite no more

          Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) by Awolnation


  1. Well, didn't she wake to find herself in a pickle! Gritty rather than glam. I like it.
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  2. That was chilling! Definitely not a good way to wake up. I'd love to read more!

    1. Thank you! I just might continue it. I liked coming up with this one a lot.

  3. Nice work !