Monday, March 23, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal!!

It's that time of the year again!  When I did the A to Z Challenge last year my idea was to combine it with Camp NaNo and write a story throughout the month, adding a title to each part that would give me my letter for the day.  That was.. well, hard.  I didn't quite reach the end....  Lol.  But this year, though I am still doing Camp NaNo, I've decided to go a little bit of a different route.

My theme this year will be.....

*dramatic imaginary drum roll*


I've been saving songs, all with titles starting with a different letter of the alphabet, that I thought would make good prompts for a short story or poem.  I'll be using either a line, the title, or even just what the song makes me feel as the prompt.  So basically, if this story/poem were a video then I hope I could put this song in the credits and you'd go 'Oh wow, that song goes perfect for this.'  Lol.

I'm excited to get started and look forward to seeing everyone else's posts for this year's Challenge!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break!

So it's my spring break (have I told you I work for a school?  That's for another post.), and I wanted to do another Week of the Writer.  However, due to my lack of planning I decided against it.

Besides, sometimes it's nice just to get as much done as you can instead of setting daunting goals that feel more like stress than progress.

Anyways, I have done some writing.  I feel like I'm almost done with my zombie story.  The question is how do I end it.  Lol.  I also have an idea for a parody horror story that a friend of mine gave me.  It will be completely ridiculous and I will love it.

Other than that I have the A to Z Challenge to look forward to and Camp NaNo.  I'm going to go even further insane than I already am next month.  Lol.  But I have a more manageable idea for A to Z than I did last year and I'll use the horror story for Camp so maybe it'll be smooth sailings?

Oh!  And entering more contests!  One from the same site that I got second place for before and another through a local library.  Wish me luck!

Now to go back to enjoying the sun.  We'll be ready to go to a parade soon.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!