Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm Gonna be a Chaser

I got an email from my school’s English club recently with the minutes from their last meeting. I wasn’t really paying attention to it, just scanning it, when a certain word caught my eye.


The nerd in me instantly made this face. :D

Apparently there was talk of starting a Quidditch game or something at the school. So help me if I don’t go get my broom right now. But then, of course, my sarcastic side said, “What’s next? Vampire Baseball?” My Arguer fielded that one. (Wow, I have a lot of people in my head. It’s a good thing I’m a writer.) Vampire baseball would probably be pretty boring. All you do is hit the ball really hard and run really far to go get it. I don’t know about anyone else but wasn’t that the worst part of any game with a ball as a kid? Someone would hit the ball super far and get it lost over a fence or something and then there would be an awkward 5 minute pause of the game while someone runs to get it and bring it back.

Sigh, grade school problems. But I digress.

My point was that I’ve heard of different schools having a ‘Quidditch team’ but that’s the only fictional sport that I’ve heard of being played out in real life. In fact, that’s the only fictional sport I can think of along with Vampire Baseball. Hunger Games? Please no.

Am I missing something? Did I skip over any sports you can think of? And if you had a Quidditch team what would you name yourselves? What position would you play?

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Write Time

I've been working on one of my resolutions, to set aside a specific day of the week to spend a set time doing something writing related. I decided that I would make that day Wednesday, which was easy enough to decide on, but the real problem is picking a couple hours out of that day to make sure that I set aside every week. There are different things that could make the day, afternoon, or night the right or wrong time to write.


Well rested (hopefully)
Everyone in the house is gone or not up yet

I'll have to get up early (Who likes getting up early? Lol.)
I tried the morning this week and was late to class.



That's when all of my classes are.
A little lazy time is allowed after lunch.
Usually too much going on in the house and I'll get distracted.


Everyone could be sleep again.
More likely that I could find a quiet place and not feel like I was missing anything.

I could be super sleepy.
I may have homework due for the next day that will get in the way.

Well, based on the Pros and Cons I'll have to go with Night being the best time for me. It's the one with all the Cons that I can sort of control. So it looks like I'll be making that switch and seeing how that works out.

How about you? What time of day do you find best for your writing?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year ended yesterday and another started today. I think it's fair to say that 2011 was a good year. As I summed up in yesterday's post a lot of good things happened. What do we have to look forward to this year?

The Hunger Games movie - I'm so excited for this. I loved the books so I hope the movie does it justice.

Twilight concludes!- Some may be sad about it and some may be happy. I myself am neutral. I like the movies and I'm definitely going to a midnight showing but definitely not holding the same kind of spot on my list that Harry Potter did. Still nursing that wound... *sigh... sniff* Lol.

Something exciting on the blog?- I have big plans for something really cool I want to try out late in the year. I don't really want to elaborate for fear of finding out that I bit off more than I can chew, but I did mention it so it will hopefully get me hyped up to just go for it. I will say that it's NaNoWriMo fundraising related.

Now on to resolutions. I think I kept my resolutions pretty good last year for the most part. Here are some writer things I want to do this year.

Revise NaNo 09 novel then let someone read it- I wanted to write a query letter for it last year but after reading it to my writer's group over the course of a couple of months I found (or they found. Lol.) that I had major plot holes to fill. It's nowhere ready for that stage yet.

Finish NaNo '11 novel and the zombie story- Finally got the plot all figured out for the NaNo '11. Now I just have to get it on to paper. Still have a little more work to do on the Zombie one.

Set one predetermined day a week to spend a couple hours working on something writing related- I'm horrible at my time management. If it's not 'scheduled' then it's something that I can let slide. I know, shame on me. I'm not saying that I will only write on that day. If I feel like writing then go me, I'll write. But I will definitely be writing at that time on that day on something. Be it blog, edits, or novels it will be written!

Hmm, I'm sure I'll add to that list at some point. Lol. How about you? Anything in particular you want to do this year? I guess I should add taking down Christmas decorations to the list at this point... ummm.... *glances at tree* Later though. Lol.