Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Devoted (A to Z Challenge Day 4)

“Do you remember our game?”

Our game.  Of course I remembered.  It felt like it was yesterday that we were lying in the grass outside watching the clouds and telling each other what we saw and making songs with the birds.  Like yesterday that they were ignoring the sounds of the Grabbers.  Like yesterday that a man we didn’t think we could trust found us and told us that we were the only ones that could end this before they ended our world.

“I see…”  He started though he wasn’t looking at the smoke clouds around us or making songs from the noises of battle behind.  He was only looking at me.  “I see…”

When his voice broke I squeezed his hands, intensifying the power light between us.

“Will you go with me?”  His brow furrowed.  “Where ever this takes us, whatever this does, will you stay with me?”

His face softened and he leaned over the source so that his lips could meet mine.  The light became almost overbearingly bright by the time that he pulled away.

“It would take more than just an army trying to end the world to take me away from you.”

Then all I saw was white.


  1. This doesn't end well I think.


    1. No, it doesn't sound like this is a very pleasant experience for them does it. Lol.