Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just a little further...... Day 29

Word count: 38029/50000

Only 11971 left to do.  In 2 days...  Can I do it?  I think I can!  Or am being overly optimistic?  I guess we'll find out by December.  Cue dramatic music!

*da da dun....*

(Now the cheesy announcer voice.)

Is it only a dream or will she make it a reality?  Join us on December 1st to find out if Sarah wins NaNoWriMo!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16?: Long time no Type

Word count: 17069/50000

I have not been doing as much as I should obviously.  I WILL catch up though!  I'm chasing the elusive 5k day today.  We'll see how that goes.  How's everyone else's doing??

P.S.- Who went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2??  Am I the only one who was about to have a heart attack?!?!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 5: Still Alive

Word count: 5593/50000
Didn't get a whole lot done on it today but at least I wrote.  I'm suppose to be at 10000 tomorrow.  Hmmmm.  I'm wondering if I can't pull off a few of those thousand word hours tomorrow that I know I have in me now.  We shall see.

Line of the Day:
She rolled over and started to watch the fire upside down knowing that she would never get to sleep tonight.

That's the last sentence that I wrote tonight.  I chose this one because it was honestly the only one that I thought was interesting enough.  Lol.  The rest was seriously pretty much just her building a fire and making a bed outside.  Seriously.  Oh, boy.  When NaNo needs words it doesn't care at all where it gets them from.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4: With Pencil-breaking Speed!

Word Count: 4621/50000
I went to my first write-in this month today and, oh my goodness, my hand probably could have fell off!  I wrote a little over 2000 words in two hours!  That's about 1000 an hour!  HAND WRITTEN!!  Ehem, sorry.  That just makes me really happy.  :D

Line of the Day:
She didn't want to freak him out, because she would totally freak out if she woke up somewhere strange without an article of her clothing no matter how good the intentions of the person who took them were.

And that could be taken out of line...  Lol!  At this point our main male character is still passed out and our Female main character was thinking about trying to do something about his scrapes and bruises.

And that's the end of the first weekend.  Let's see if I can't keep up the momentum through the usual weekly duties.

Day 3: Third day's the Charm

Word count: 2512/50000
I nearly wrote the amount of words I'm SUPPOSE to write everyday!  Yea getting in the stride of things!  Now I just have to get the actual amount of words plus some.  Lol.

Line of the Day:
"Oh, thank you..." then he fell to his knees and then forward on to his face.

Introduction of the new character I didn't know about!  Lol.  This is the first time I'm not working with an outline, so I knew that my MC was going to run into people eventually but I didn't know when, where, or who.  Much less the how.

Well, I call day three a success.  Onward and upward!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 2: Slow and steady

Word count: 1097/50000
Definitely not where I want to be but real life beckons and unfortunately it doesn't wait even for NaNo.  They always say that slow and steady wins the race though.

Line of the Day:
Evera ran back inside the barn to grab all of the things she needed to saddle up the horse, her fastest one, Samson.

I like this one.  It shows some action going on.  Or maybe just because there's a horse involved.  And the name Samson, which was chosen randomly out of a rush to need one, has kind of grown on me.  Lol.

On to the next day!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Yay, National Novel Writing Month!!!

Needless to say I am indeed going for it again this year.  I have a good feeling that I'll win too!  With two local write-ins to go to, the 'official' write-in that I always try to make, AND the person I'm racing's word count to watch to make sure I do that little bit more just to be ahead of them, I might have just enough fire under me in the last week to cross the 50k.

I'm writing this assuming that you all know what National Novel Writing Month is.  For those who don't go to their website,  It's such a fun challenge!

Anyways, I wanted to do something different on here this time around, especially since I've been away from here for awhile.  What I'll do is post a line from what I wrote that day, everyday.  It can be my first line, last line, favorite, funniest, etc.  I'll also post my word count.

Since today is actually the second day, I'll give you a line I wrote from yesterday and the word count I stopped at.  Today's will come later.  Here goes.

Word count: 701/50000 (Way behind.  It's ok though.  It's only the first day.  Not worried about it at all....  Lol.)

I thought the very first line of this NaNo Novel would be appropriate for the very first post about the very first day.

She would not have noticed if not for the boom.

Simple, yet intriguing I think.  Lol.

Feel free to join me and post a line of your own!  Good luck to those giving it a go and I'll see you on the next one.