Monday, April 13, 2015

Game Plan (A to Z Challenge Day 7)

“I saved you a seat.”

“You always save me a seat.”

“Well, you always take it.”

She sat across from him in the sad excuse for an office building’s cafeteria.  “Yeah…  I’m going to miss that.”

He paused, a sandwich half way to his mouth, then continued.  “Huh, they give you one full weekend off and you feel like you’re leaving forever.  Can’t decide if that’s sadder for this company as a place of employment or for you as a person.”

“I put in my two weeks notice.”


“I’m not kidding.”

He put his sandwich down for good.  “What?  Why?”

“Look around.”  She motioned vaguely at dim room.  “There’s nothing left here.”

I’m still here, he thought.

They ate the majority of their lunch time in silence until she got up to leave.

“I think that you should change your mind.”  He told her.

“Give me one reason why that would be a good career choice.”  He had time enough for her to dump her food out in the trash can and wait a while at the door.  She sighed.  “I’ll see you Monday.”

He had two weeks to turn this company around.

Give me one reason to stay here
And I'll turn right back around
Said I don't want leave you lonely
You got to make me change my mind
                Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

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