Monday, April 13, 2015

Friction (A to Z Challenge Day 6)

“Stop fighting me.”

“Stop following me.”

“Stop running.”

Despite what his mind was telling him and what his body wanted he did as he was told.  “Leave me alone.”

“I know what you’re feeling right now.”  She said.

“Then you would know to leave me alone.”

“And any normal person would.  But we both know that we’re far from normal.”

That brought the heat in him, the anger, that he was trying to keep at bay.  It finally boiled over.  Fire licked his palm and he shook his hands as if he could put it out.  The only thing that it did was create a fire ball the size of a globe.  It shot out in front of him and landed in the leaves a few feet in front of the woman who, in turn, made fire of her own and burned the area around his.

“Well, adding a forest fire to this just wouldn’t do.”  She stomped out a few stray embers but let the majority of it burn itself out.  She looked back up to find him still staring, frozen.  “You see?  I told you we had a lot to talk about.”

And now it's on, we're fighting
Fire with fire
The flames are burning, burning
Higher and higher
            Fire with Fire by The Letter Black

It's the flame in all of us
That makes the change in all of us
That takes the blame in all of us
And still keeps it alive

          Flame in All of Us by Thousand Foot Krutch

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