Monday, March 28, 2011

The Week of the Writer: Day 2

Only thing I've really done today was finish Graceling. It was amazing, as I stated in my review. I'm going to start The Naming by Alison Croggon now. Tomorrow will be when the real work starts. I've got a couple shorts that I've been putting off for quite awhile. I really like them so I want to go ahead and get them done. Perhaps I'll share a bit with you tomorrow. Add to that two chapter edits since I didn't get to one today. Also some more cleaning and moving things around for my little desk. Shouldn't be too long before I can get it up. It's weird how excited I am for this. Lol. So how was your weekend? Get some writing done? Read something good? I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow. :)


  1. There is a girl who works in children's who would love you - Graceling is totally one of her favorite books. She nags me constantly to read it, heh.

  2. Lol. You should! It was pretty awesome.