Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The First No of Many

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but about a month ago I sent in an application for an internship. Now I’ve recently found out that I didn’t get it. I’m disappointed obviously, quite so, but being the Captain of Optimism that I am I like to look on the bright side. I’m trying not to take it personally, only thinking about what reasons they could have to say no and how I could’ve done things differently if it won’t help me get better for next time, because as a writer I should be use to this.

One of the first things you may here when a writer talks about querying is that they’re expecting a ‘no’. This may sound really pessimistic but it’s just reality. Querying is hard, so I hear. Agents probably get a bunch every day and they have to say no sometimes. I’m looking at this as practice for that.

They may have said no but there’s always next year. I’ll just make myself better, dust myself off, get back on the horse, walk it off, insert other ‘try again’ catch phrase here, and that’s how I’ll go into my future as a writer. There will always be another year, another internship, another query, another agent, another review, till you get just that one YES.

No more feeling bad about no’s. From now on they will only be fuel to my fire and I won’t leave the kitchen because of the heat because my glass will stay half full and I’ll drink it if I get hot and fill it back up again!

Ok, I’m getting carried away with the clichés.... I’ll end with this: No’s will not make me stop!!


  1. I'm impressed you put yourself out there. You can't get a foot in the door if you don't start the journey to all those doors first. Way to go, you!

  2. Thank you! And you're so right. It can be intimidating but you have get out there and keep at it.

  3. Right on! That's pretty much been my experience too, you know, and every year I learn a little more and move a bit farther in these competitions. I'm trying not to psych myself up, but I'm kinda feeling this might finally be the year; we'll see.

  4. That's the best way to use a no. Just turn around and improve with it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. That's the attitude Sarah. I've gotten a few no's, though they've been really nice about it, I know that's rare. There was one no where they seemed to be annoyed but it didn't phase me because I expected it. Good post and keep trying!

  6. It's a shame that a no can't even be expected to be decent. And thank you!