Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week of the Writer: Day 1

Actually, I did the first thing that anyone does when they have a week of doing nothing ahead of them. I got lazy.

Yeah, I didn't do much today and didn't even leave the house except to get the paper and the mail. I've been reading. Still working on Graceling. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. It's getting into some really exciting stuff.

I'm also taking a break on editing my 'Nano 09' novel. I wanted to see if I could finish it this week and it turns out that I have the same number of chapters left as number of days off. I figure I'll try to do atleast one chapter a day and that will get done. Whoo!

So lets see, things left on the agenda for today:
Read more
Finish editing a chapter
Wash and put away laundry

Turns out if you want to put a desk in your room you have to have somewhere to put it. Gees. The fine print of life. Well, back to work. I'm realizing that this wasn't exactly a thrilling day... The posts will get more exciting! Lol. If you really want to know what my day was like than go play QWOP. (Caution: It's very frustrating and addicting.) Ha! I'll see you tomorrow. :)


  1. Oh, God, my sister was OBSESSED with QWOP for like a week. I could never get more than, like, two meters.

    When I was living in my apartment in Austin, I ended up moving the head of my bed away from the wall and putting my desk there - it meant I had to, like, climb on my bed to get into my closet, but it did give me a lot more room. Be creative!

  2. 27.7 I think is the most I ever got. The help thing says there's a surprise at 50 and 100. I must get to 50 now. Lol.

    Ha! That's awesome. I think I have it planned just good enough so I can open my dresser if I'm not standing between it and my bed.