Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Dad was the Easter Bunny

We heard mom scream first. It was like the time I showed her the toad I found in the puddles after it rained. Then I heard Dad scream. He sounded like he was watching one of his football games. Me and my little brother ran to their room.

"Whoa... Dad, you've got ears." Tod said.

"Like not people ears." I specified. "Rabbit ears."

By this time he knew that because he was already in the mirror tugging at them. Tod and I looked at each other then burst out laughing which we stopped immediately when both Mom and Dad glared at us.

"Ok, which one of you did this?" Dad said.

"We didn't do it!"

"Yeah! We thought you put them on."

"Obviously, your father--" Mom was cut off by the doorbell. She got up and put a robe on. "Don't worry, I've got it. You guys go get dressed." She pushed us out of the door with her and went downstairs while we went to check out the window.

"That looks like an icecream truck."

"Maybe it broke down and he'll give us free icecream!"

We raced down the stairs and heard Mom talking to someone at the door. He had a funny suit on and thin, wiry glasses. He was showing his clipboard to Mom.

"Yes, that's my husband, but we didn't order anything..."

"I know this, ma'am. This is about what other people have ordered and if your husband doesn't leave soon-" He saw Dad coming down the stairs with a baseball cap to cover his head. "Ah, good. I'm assuming your ears came in nicely?"

He adusted his hat. "How do you, uh, what ears? Who are you anyways?"

"There's no time for that. I need you to take this and this," he handed him the clipboard and a suit on a hanger. "And be on your way soon." He started to leave but Dad stopped him.

"Hang on, I didn't order anything."

"I know, I know. Listen, do you want those ears to go away? Yes? Then put that on, take the clipboard and that truck there, and make the deliveries." Then he was gone.

"That truck is ours!"


"Tod, stay inside!" Mom said. "Maggie, get back in here! That truck is not ours."

Too late, I was already in the back. "There's Easter eggs in here!"

"Mom! That's unfair I want some too!"

"No one is taking anything from that truck. Maggie, get in here now!"

I hopped out and ran back inside. "Dad, the guy said it was yours right? So those are our eggs."

"No. These are addresses to people's houses. Apparently, I'm suppose to take stuff to people's houses." He looked up from the clipboard. "I think I'm the Easter bunny."

Me and Tod looked at each other again. ".........AWESOME."

Mom muttered something about coffee while we dragged Dad back up stairs. "You've gotta get dressed! We gotta go!"

"No, no, no. No one is going anywhere especially in that truck. It could be anyone's."

"Dad," I pulled him down to my level and snatched to cap off his head. "You have real life rabbit ears. What more proof do you need!?"

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Give me the suit."

"Yes!" We went to get dressed while he went to his room and we heard Mom trying to talk Dad out of it but when we came out she was dressed too.

"Let's go!"

"How long is all of this going to take?" Mom asked him.

"Well, all the addresses are local so not long from the looks of it."

We piled in the truck and took off. We even found three more headbands with rabbit ears on them. They got to the first stop and took a basket into a sitting room full of people who laughed at Dad's funny suit and our bunny ears. Then we were sent to a park. The instructions said to hide them so we did. Mom and Dad hid them in way too obvious places so me and Tod went looking for the perfect hiding places. Behind a tree, under a bench, and on the slides, we even managed to get one to sit on a tree branch. Tod tried to keep one but I told him I was going to tell if he did even though I wanted one too.

That's how the rest of our day went. Delivering baskets and hiding eggs. When we got back home in the late afternoon we were all so tired from laughing at each other that we almost didn't see the basket at our door with a little card that said 'Thank You'. We took it inside and ate some of it while watching tv and soon we noticed Dad's ears were gone. I tried to tell my friends when they asked what I did for Easter but they still don't believe that my dad was the Easter bunny.

Happy Easter everyone! Sorry for the late post but I hope you enjoyed the story. I guess you could say that this was a good idea from the 'plot bunny'. See what I did there?! Ha ha!......yeah. *ahem* Now to rest after a heavy Easter lunch. :) Next post will be really special. See you then!