Saturday, April 30, 2011


This month's suggestion is brought to you by another friend from writer's group.

The topic is: Distraction
The type: Left up to me...but I don't know what it is. I just wrote it on a study break. (It's finals week, cut me some slack! ;) )

So without further ado...

You Know Me

I am talented, I am skilled
I'm hardheaded and strongwilled
I don't need you to grab my attention
I don't need anyone, I am distraction
Think you can stop me? You know you're not right
I come and you don't know it, I keep you up at night
You hear that buzzer? Please. Hit the snooze.
Think of all the dreams you'll lose!
Ha! Look at you, now you're late.
Get up! I've got plans to procrastinate
Social Networks. Trust me it'll only be a minute
Check your email. There's probably something important in it.
Oh yeah, what about that homework, that paper to write
I win. Look's like someone's not sleeping tonight.
I'm procrastination, laziness, but I'll help with a clue
My name is distraction, but mostly I'm you.

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