Saturday, May 14, 2011


Next month is the one year anniversary of Scribbles and Shorts!! I thought it would only be appropriate if I had a party for it. :) Consider this your invitation. And what's a party without some goodies? That's why I'm having a giveaway!! This is what I'll be, well, giving away!

A dictionary, thesaurus, notebook, 3 ring pencil holder, pens, mechanical pencils, and highlighters. Basically it's a writer's starter kit. Even if you don't write these are things that you would use pretty often.

Rules in short:
-Be a follower of the blog
-Leave a comment about anything on this post
-Contest closes on June 10th at 12:01am Central time
-Results will be posted on June 11th

Rules in Detial:

So how do you get in on this? Follow the blog and leave a comment here. That's it! It can be about anything. A book I should read or what I should post on the blog. Have fun with it! I'll number the comments (the first is number one, next is two, and so on) then I'll use the random number generator to pick one. I'll close the contest at 12:01am on June 10th Central time, film the generator pick that day, and post the results on June 11th.

So have fun posting your comment! But be quiet, it's a surprise party for the blog so only tell EVERYONE you know. :D


  1. I keep running into writers among my FB friends. May I introduce you? Sandra Heska King is an inspirational writer from Michigan. Whitney McKendree Moore is an inspirational writer who sometimes gets points across with the help of her dog. Now I'm off to browse more of your blog....

  2. Thank you, Nancy, for the introductions and for the ingenious invitation to join your blog. I am hoping to win highlighters, as they go through my hands like running water! That's because my one tip to myself and other writers is: READ. I have found that, as a writer, I need to read. There is one book in particular that I recommend on the subject of writing ("Bird by Bird" written by (Anne LaMott). A book I just finished for "fun" was "Lit" by Mary Karr -- reminiscent of The Glass Castle and Half-Broke Horses (at least to me). The winner in my non-fiction so far tis year is "Bonhoeffer" by Eric Metaxes (or something like that. 800 pages but totally well-written and INSPIRING!

  3. Oops -- I mean Sarah! I am writing to you, Sarah -- sorry!

  4. What a great idea to give away a writer's starter kit. My 8-year-old granddaughter would love it.

    I thought I'd suggest a couple (okay 3) of my favorite writing blogs:

    Author Culture

    Word Play

    Author, Jody Hedlund

    Blessings on your writing, Sarah!

  5. Am I too late? I may not blog much but I still come here every week or two to read!

  6. Hey it's Sarah! This is the only way I could comment on my own blog. Ugh. Lol.

    Nancy, thank you for introducing Whitney and Sandra!

    Whitney, I fully agree. I've heard you should write what you like to read. If you're not having fun writing it then people may not have fun reading it!

    Sandra, thank you for those recomendations! I'll have to stop by them.

    IJustKnowEverything, you're right on time! :) Today's the last day. Glad you keep coming back!


  7. I"m a new follower!! Happy Blog-iversary! :o)

    My recommendation for a book to read would be Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead. Happy reading!

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  8. Welcome and thank you Mickey! I'll have to pick that book up.