Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poetry Slam! Round 2!

Poetry Slam is back again for another go! Last time we did some haikus about childhood.

I Just Know Everything joined in with one of his own:

Watching Snick with friends
Every Saturday night
Then we would sleep in

So awesome. I think we can all relate to the sleeping in part. Lol. Thanks for that!

This months challenge comes from:

mikesteele05 - "Mushy foods. Doctor Suess style."

Ooh, this is going to be fun. :) Well, I'm taking a class on Shakespeare and we talked about sonnets so I'm going to do it sonnet style! Can a sonnet be Dr. Suess-ish? We'll find out. From what I've found there are many ways to write a sonnet but I'm going to do it the Shakespearean way. This is a 14 line poem that follows the pattern of - abab cdcd efef gg. A rhymes with a, b rhymes with b, and so on.

So I now present...

My Mushy Meals

I like to eat things known as mushy food
Those things that flop and plop and stand up too
They're great for building, but I'm not too rude
When it gets on my fork it's what I do

Oatmeal with sugar, flakes in milk too long
Bananas that have brown spots from old age
Cottage cheese that slides out of its bowl wrong
Toast soaked in butter past its crunchy stage

Pasta in sauce that glue them together
Twirling up in short and sloppy towers
Icecream melted in the summer weather
Giving fingers cold and sticky showers

Mushy foods have great things they're meant to build
But in a fight they are weapons to wield

How did I do? Did I take the challenge well? Let me know and give it a try yourself if you want. Leave a type of poem or a subject for next month and I'll see you then!


  1. Aw, that's adorable! And yes, it's a sonnet but also v. Dr. Seuss. Well done.