Friday, February 25, 2011

The Whining of the Writer

Warning: The following is a series of complaints made by yours truly and may mimic the sound of crying babies, whimpering puppies, and other sounds that express the feeling of being upset and are yet sometimes annoying. Read at your own discretion.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I reign over the Land of Lazy as Princess Procrastinator. Lately though, I've been thinking of resigning. *insert gasps from the Lazy natives*

Yeah, it's true. Procrastinating just isn't working out for me anymore. At the risk of sounding like a child, school has gotten really hard. Especially for a procrastinator. The further behind I let stuff fall at school, the more time that I have to spend getting it done again. And you know what has suffered as a cause to that? My writing.

Aside from school stuff and blog posts, I don't think I've written anything new in awhile. My poor, half edited, Nano 09 novel sits in my writing bag waiting for the return of my pen. It probably doesn't know who wrote it anymore. *sigh* I also have three shorts in mind, two of which have been started and one on the back burner of my brain.

So I hereby vow to work on my time management. During the daytime hours I will do everything school related. After dinner I will do what I want, writing and so forth. It has been decreed... (Because royalty are always decreeing something right?)

How do you all handle writing time and other priorities?

By the way, still looking for a challenge on the Poetry Slam for this Monday. Have a suggestion? Let me know. Leave a comment! :)


  1. [I would comment but not just now. Hee hee.] - Nancy

  2. Lol. I see someone is taking over for me in the procrastination area.

  3. When I was a college student I didn't write or read for pleasure at all. There simply wasn't time. Heck, there were weekends where I (gasp) didn't even get to hang out with friends. During semester breaks I might get through a book or two, but honestly, after the insane amount of reading and writing I had to do during the semester, for those few months off my mind needed a break. I usually spent my free time doing all the socializing I wasn't able to do during the semester. Writing didn't even cross my mind. I hate to say it, but college only gets more difficult from year to year. If you really want to find some time during the semester to write for fun, I would suggest doing exactly what you plan: treating school as a daytime job and keeping your evenings free. Perhaps you should resign yourself to the fact that this might not be possible during the last month or so of the semester when the workload becomes extremely heavy, but it could work during the first 1/2 or 2/3 of the semester.

    Hmmm topic? Mushy foods. Doctor Seuss style.

  4. I can totally relate. I haven't read for fun in awhile now and just about every time I do go out with friends I have this feeling of guilt telling me I should be at home studying or something. I think that my brain wants a break too. It's like I really want to write but sometimes I just want to be lazy. I'll try to keep to the plan but definitely do more studying close to finals.

    Mushy foods, huh? I'll do it! I love Dr. Seuss. :)