Monday, January 31, 2011


Welcome to the first ever Scribbles and Shorts Poetry Slam! *snaps fingers*

So this is how it's going to be done. Each poetry post will be put up on the last day of the month. Until the end of the next month you guys, my Scribblers as I've decided will be my friendly nickname for my 'followers' (I like it, don't you! :) ), can comment as to what kind of poem I should write for that month and what it should be about. I'll choose one and post it. So here it goes!

First Poetry Slam starter honors go to:

I Just Know Everything
Type: not given
Subject: Childhood

Since I the choice was left open I decided I would go with some haikus because, well, it's all I know for now... So I give you:

Childhood - in form of haikus

Late cries for parents
Waiting for bottles of milk
Changing the diapers

Learning to sit up
To crawl and walk and say words
Loving picture books

Going to school now
Fun with teachers, toys, and kids
Learning to write things

No recess here now
School's not much fun without it
The homework is hard

Sleepovers and snacks
Movies or just hanging out
Always on the phone

Starting to talk back
Whoopings and groundings aren't fair
I always miss stuff

Learning to drive cars
The first time alone is cool
With friends is better

All grown up we think
Only later do we find
We want it all back

So how did I do? Let me know know what you like or don't like and leave a suggestion for next month. Thanks for this months prompt, I Just Know Everything! I'll see you guys next post.


  1. Whoo hoo! Shoutout to me! Haha. Can I try? Haiku about childhood (I warn you, I've never been much of a poet):

    Watching Snick with friends
    Every Saturday night
    Then we would sleep in

  2. Lol! That's great. I remember watching that with my cousins (we never had cable). Pretty much the story of my life still! Lol.