Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week of the Writer: Day 4

It's another day in the Week of the Writer. This one will be short. I'm currently taking up post in my cousin's place having a Harry Potter movie marathon. Currently on 'Goblet of Fire'. I'm winning at the nerd game right now.

I did do some writing yesterday. Not much but it was better than nothing. I imagine that very little will get done today so I'm hesitant to set a goal. Perhaps I'll make a point to write some more and share a line or two tomorrow.

Until then, Harry's fighting a dragon. Better go.


  1. Any writing is always better than nothing! I'm not much of an HP fan, but I've seen the movies with my kid. It's definitely easy to get swept up in them.

    1. Agreed! Writing has been slow going for me lately so getting anything done is good. And Harry Potter is very distracting for me. Lol. I grew up on Harry Potter, books and movies.