Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week of the Writer- Day 2 (Hotel Edition!)

Is it really Day 3?  I think it's technically Day 3.

Week of the Writer continues to be successful!  I only have 7 letters that are not filled in for the A to Z Challenge. Which is really good for me.  I could go ahead and get started on some of the posts, which isn't cheating right?  My NaNoWriMo trained brain wants to say it is but I don't think it is for this challenge.

I haven't written anymore on my story, but I hope to change that right now.  It's currently 6:24 in the morning and I'm sitting in the breakfast room of a hotel working like an actual little adult. (Because I am an adult... But not little.)

I'm actually really proud of myself.  If I didn't get up then I probably wouldn't have gotten my post done by now and I would have rushed it later.  I also wouldn't get any writing done. (Because hotel beds equal a sleeping Black Hole.)

I'll admit that this makes me a little self-conscious though.  Not sure why but thinking anyone is watching me do something when I'm not with someone else makes me nervous.  (Being in my pajamas still might have something to do with it.)  I really want to go back to my room and be lazy but I can't.  I'm writing.

Take that procrastination and unproductivity.

Tomorrows Challenge:
Get them words on that page.

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