Saturday, December 31, 2011


Poetry Slam 12!? Do you know that means that we've successfully completed a year of Poetry Slams!? Whooo!!

Well, for the last Poetry Slam I put together a Sonnet about snow. This winter has been uncharacteristically warm for us. As in 'I didn't even need a jacket of any kind with a short sleeve shirt this afternoon' kind of warm. That's weird for us because we're usually a foot deep in snow by now. Lol. Most people are really excited about that but honestly I WANT MY SNOW! :/ Not a dangerous amount, just enough to cover the ground and be pretty. So maybe this will bring good snow vibes my way. Lol.

Snow Day

Little eyes turn to the sky
Fingers pressed to window pane
Searching the dark clouds up high
Driving their parents insane
They see it, it's coming soon
There's no need to go to bed
If not morning, surely noon
They'll be out to play instead
Don't need to pack lunch for school
Won't eat it there anyway
Because the weather's too cool
We'll all be home for the day
Parents say these days are blue
But not if they can stay too

Ah, the good old days when a good snow meant I could stay home. Lol. Well, I'd say that is a good end to a year of poems. You can read all the Poetry Slams HERE if you missed some or want to give them another look. Who's ready for another year!? :)

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