Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Shopping (A holiday short)

The moment that she saw the man at the kiosk she knew that it was a bad idea to bring the boys. They always did demonstrations when it was close to Christmas.

What she saw was a man stepping on a button that sent a flimsy styrofoam rocket into the air and his TV telling them about the four easy payments. What she was sure they saw was a rocket launching 90 feet in the air trailed by fireworks with the TV blaring 'It goes so high it's like flying a real rocket. It's like shooting rockets with your feet! It's like firing missiles from your toes! Missiles. From. Your toes! Oh my gosh, it's so cool!'



"But it can be an early Christmas present!"

"Ask Santa."

The oldest rolled his eyes but the youngest thought it was brilliant.

I wrote this short as part of a drabble we did in our writer's group. Our prompt was 'Missle Toe'. So, naturally, this was where my brain went. If you want to read some more you can give my Reindeer Games story from last year a look. Hope shopping wasn't too bad for you this year. Merry Christmas! Or any other holiday you're celebrating! :)

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