Thursday, June 30, 2011

Every Soul a Star - Wendy Mass (review)

A novel about three very different teenagers finding their place in the universe

12-year-old ALLY likes the simple things in life—labyrinths, stargazing, and comet hunting. Her home, the Moon Shadow Campground, is a part of who she is. She refuses to imagine it any other way.

13-year-old BREE is popular, gorgeous (everybody says so), and a future homecoming queen for sure. Bree wears her beauty like a suit of armor. But what is she trying to hide?

13-year-old JACK, overweight and awkward, is used to spending a lot of time alone. But when opportunity knocks, he finds himself in situations he never would have imagined.


I really enjoyed this one. It's a middle grade book so it's not too long and not too short. It didn't take me too long to get through it.

At first I found that I was taking awhile to get used to the characters. I think it was just in that 'gosh I hope I didn't act like that when I was that age' type of way. Come on. You guys know what I mean. Anyways, after I got past that I really liked them.

A couple things that I thought was interesting and cool about this book was that it was educational without feeling pushy like a text book. Like a character would say something in passing and I'd find myself going 'is that true?' There are a lot of cool facts in there.

Another is the way the chapters were put together. You would see each event from each characters perspective in turn like they each had a chapter put they are numbered like Ally 1, Bree 1, Jake 1, Ally 2, Bree 2, Etc... So the real chapter wasn't over till each of them had their part.

Please check out Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass! It really is a good book and something that I think older kids and adults would enjoy.

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