Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just a Query Letter. Not scary at all.... Right?

Earlier this week I finished editing my NaNo novel from 2009. (Yay!) I'm excited. Quite. But with the excitement comes apprehension. I've crossed an editing threshold into a new one, the Query Zone. (Oooh...) I've only heard about the Query Zone, never been there myself, but I've heard things. Word searching, hair pulling, almost as bad as writing the book itself! It's the making of the dreaded query letter! (Gasp!)

Ah, the query letter. Such a little piece of paper with so much importance. The letter that sells your book. The letter that will show an agent why your book is going to be perfect for them. The letter that's suppose to make an agent fall so deeply in love with your book that they come beg you to let them represent you. No pressure, right?

Well, yeah, there's a little pressure. This is new territory for me so I'm going to need some help. I know close to nothing about a query letter except for what I researched a little. So I ask you, any suggestions? Have you written a query letter before? Where did you research, a website or a book?

Well, my novel is still no where near ready for being queried so I'll try not to stress about it for now. I'll just sit in the holding area between editing and querying and wait my turn. I believe that place is called revision, right?

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