Sunday, April 17, 2016

Word of the Day- #4

  1. a store selling cold cuts, cheeses, and a variety of salads, as well as a selection of unusual or foreign prepared foods.

There he is again. Every time. How is it that we both come to this place at the same time every week? We have a lunch meat schedule. Is that weird to have a schedule for your lunch meat?
Oh shoot.
He's looking at me. He's going to say something. Don't tell him about your lunch meat schedule.
"Hey, we meet again."
"Hi, yeah. I was just thinking the same thing. We must have a lunch meat schedule."
He's laughing though. It's fine. Just get your meat and get out of here.
"Ah, Deb. The usual?"
"Yes, please. Thanks, Pierre."
The older man winks at me.
"And Simon?"
"Same as always."
"So dependable you both are."
I watch Pierre get to work then pretend to browse the counter. I'm not going to get anything new. Why even fake it? I'm a creature of habit. I think Pierre would have a heart attack if I tried something different.
He must be concerned I want something else. He's looking at me. I smiled and backed away from the counter.
He watched me do so and nodded his head one way, trying to get me to look at something.
"Oh, nothing else today. I'm a creature of habit, you know that." I laughed.
"No..." He nodded again and mouthed 'Simon'.
I looked at the man who was busying himself at another display.
'Simon?' I mouthed back.
He nodded emphatically and jerked his head in his direction again.
'No.' I laughed.
He nodded.
'No.' I added the serious eyes this time.
A mischievous smile came to Pierre's face. "Simon, come."
I suddenly became really interested in something directly behind me and away from them.
"All wrapped and ready for eating." said Pierre.
I dared to look up and saw him look at me over Simon's head. I shook my head at him and he did a horrible job at suppressing a laugh.
Simon started out the door but stopped not too far away from me.
"Deb, right?"
"Oh, yep."
"I was thinking about putting another of Pierre's delicacies on my usual line up. You wouldn't happen to be able to help taste though a couple options? Next week maybe?"
Wait, what?
"Uh, sure. I'm kind of great at testing tastes. I have a very delicate palate. Not to brag."
He laughed. "Awesome. See you next week."
I went to the counter to get my things and Pierre was suspiciously quiet until I was almost to the door.
"I told you-"
"Don't you dare."
He laughed me out of the store.

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