Monday, April 4, 2016

Word of the Day- #2

plural noun: bags
  1. 1
    a container made of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things.
    "brown paper bags"
    • 2
      the amount of game shot by a hunter.

    She's too busy. Rushing up and down the aisles, looking but not seeing anyone in front of her. Her eyes look tired, bags underneath.
    She's checking out. The cashier bags her things as I bag my own in the self check out lane. Setting my own pace. Setting it to hers. She has too many bags. Too many to carry but I see her try anyway.
    My own things fit in my pocket. The pocket that's not already full. She has a mini van. Of course she does. It's near the back. She opens the side door instead of the trunk. I empty my other pocket. I reach in the door behind her and hold the clothe to her nose. She struggles. Not much with me braced behind her. She slumps. I tuck her feet in.
    I look up as I close the door on her. Someone walks past us. I wonder if I'd been seen. I don't stay to find out.


    Two cars. No lights. Radios on, but silenced. They stepped out of the cars and up the short path.
    A knock on the door is customary. It might draw the suspect out or at the very least make them panic and they'll hear them try to run. No such luck here.
    "Sir." One of the others calls and he joins him around the back where he's standing next to a cellar door.
    He nods. The other nods back and puts a hand on his gun the other hand brings up a flashlight.
    The cellar door gets opened and the light scans the small space inside. A heavy smell hits him. He steps back and sighs, speaks roughly into his radio.
    "We're going to need a crew here. Tell them to bring some bags."


    1. Oh, your dictionary seems to lack a lot of letters. Most others have already reached the letter G and some have even started the H-Day.
      I loved your idea and I hope you still can make it through the challenge?!


      1. Yes, it does seem that way. Lol. I'm still working on it. I have C and D but have come to a halt for real life. I will be carrying on. Thanks for checking up on me!