Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break!

So it's my spring break (have I told you I work for a school?  That's for another post.), and I wanted to do another Week of the Writer.  However, due to my lack of planning I decided against it.

Besides, sometimes it's nice just to get as much done as you can instead of setting daunting goals that feel more like stress than progress.

Anyways, I have done some writing.  I feel like I'm almost done with my zombie story.  The question is how do I end it.  Lol.  I also have an idea for a parody horror story that a friend of mine gave me.  It will be completely ridiculous and I will love it.

Other than that I have the A to Z Challenge to look forward to and Camp NaNo.  I'm going to go even further insane than I already am next month.  Lol.  But I have a more manageable idea for A to Z than I did last year and I'll use the horror story for Camp so maybe it'll be smooth sailings?

Oh!  And entering more contests!  One from the same site that I got second place for before and another through a local library.  Wish me luck!

Now to go back to enjoying the sun.  We'll be ready to go to a parade soon.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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