Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Writing A to Z

So I remember last year when I was on twitter and I was always seeing #atozchallenge at the end of tweets.  This year I FINALLY caught on to it before the event started.

Turns out that the A to Z Challenge takes place every April where you take it upon yourself to write a blog post every day except Sunday, which happens to be 26 days.  Not only that but you need to choose a word for each one to use as a prompt and they must be alphabetical order (Day 1 - prompt that starts with A, Day 2 - B, etc...).  That happens to conveniently give one letter for each day!

I'm going to go for it this year!  It sounds like fun and so why not?  Now the only thing is to figure out what to write...  Lol.  Think I might try a story.  Just post a little every day until I get to the end on the last day.  This is going to take some more thought.

Any of you giving it a go?  Returning for another try?  Any tips or tricks to the trade you're willing to offer?  I'm all ears.

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