Sunday, February 8, 2015

I did a thing!

Late last month I entered a contest through a group called The Writer's Workout.  They started out as a Facebook page that held the NanoGames (like an Olympics for writer's.  I participated in that last year too and it was so fun!  My team took first in the team games and I took seventh in the individuals. :D )
They have a website now and they post contests every other month, I believe.

Anyways, the link to where my story is posted on their website is HERE.  I took second for my story called Idiot Box!  Have a look if you would like.  You can find them on Facebook HERE.  They have great posts all week long talking about different authors and giving writing prompts.  Basically, if you need a to get your creative juices back up and going then I would suggest these people.

Until next time!

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