Thursday, May 1, 2014


It's May!  Meaning Camp Nano and the A to Z Challenge is over.

This was a harsh one.  I'll be honest.  I kept up for the first week or two and then I let myself get behind and I more or less gave up.  I told myself I would keep going but as each day passed and I got busier and busier even my optimistic self thought 'Huh.  Well, maybe next year...'

Final tally came to about 9000 of a 30000 word goal for Camp and 10 out of 26 letters for A to Z.

Not even quite halfway.

Do I wish that I had done better?  Of course.  But do I count it as a fail?  NOPE.  Not entirely.

Of course, if you didn't succeed to do something then you have failed to do it.  Kind of the only two options.  But when I look at things like NaNo and this A to Z Challenge I find that trying at all is a win in and of itself.  I have 9000 words on a pretty decent story thanks to Camp and I have a few more followers/blogs to follow thanks to A to Z.

I did learn a few things though.  First of all, I will probably not combine Camp and A to Z again!  Lol.  Writing and putting up complete chunks of a story might have been biting off more than I could chew.  So I'll probably do A to Z in April and Camp in their other month.  I will definitely do posts ahead of time (which was part of the problem this time because I felt like I'd be 'cheating' at NaNo if I wrote posts before April).  I didn't give myself nearly enough of the time I should have had to go to other blogs and comment and such so planning ahead will give me that.

All of that being said I will DEFINITELY be doing A to Z again and I'm really excited for it!  I had a secondary idea that I thought of using this year that I think would be really good for next year.  I better write it down so I remember it....  Lol.

So with this post we will return to our regularly irregular posting schedule!  Later!


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  2. Keep writing! So you didn't make the "April" part of the challenge. Make it a summer project instead. Looking forward to more of this plot!

  3. Never a failure, look how much you did write! Besides... November is the only true Nano month, anyway! :) I signed up for Camp Nano, but had so much fun writing poetry I didn't even update my word count. My cabin mates must have wondered why I bothered signing up. Keep up the good writing!

    1. You know, I wondered if I was the only one who felt like November was the only one that 'counted'. Lol! I will keep it up! You keep having fun!