Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jayreel - Digging Up Magic #10

Nikki heard the guy sigh.  “I’m not here to start any fights…  You have her attention now.”  She heard a barstool scrape against the floor and could only assume that he was gone.

The one that she had her eyes on now met her stare.  “A true lover’s fate.”  He turned out of his chair and began to walk away.  “I’m sorry if I ruined your date.”

Nikki watched him go until she finally came to her senses and followed after him.  Though she hadn’t thought about what she was going to say before she caught up.  He was already pulling a chair out from a table that was luckily one of the furthest ones away from the bull.  Away from Ian and away from Jenna.

He sat down and looked at her as if he wasn’t surprised to see her, but was merely waiting for her to speak, receptionist at his desk.  When she didn’t, he did.

“I can help you with all that I’m able.”

This snapped her back to her distorted reality and she pulled out her own chair and sat.  “How do you know I need help?”

“By all means sit…”  He laughed.  “You’re the one who chased me to my table.  If not help, then what is it?”

Nikki opened and closed her mouth a few times like a suffocating fish.  Well, she already embarrassed herself so she might as well get to the rest of it.

“What happened yesterday.  That wasn’t…  It wasn’t normal.”

His look of smug amusement turned quickly to a serious intensity.  “So did you did feel it?”

“It was hard to miss.”

“And so you found it…”

Nikki tried to be careful to keep any sign of recognition off of her face.  How could he know about this?

“Beware the wrist that this band fits…”  He muttered almost to himself, his gaze studying her.

She crossed her arms over herself and tried not to squirm under his scrutiny.  “What are you going on about?”

“I think you know good and well.  Why don’t we find out?”

He waited for me to speak but I sat there like the perfect picture of stubbornness.  “You first.”

Now he laughed.  An actual laugh as if something humorous had just happened.  “You’re the one who needs answers, sweetheart.  Come back to me when you’re not quite so tart.”

Horrified, Nikki watched him get up from the table and she tried to think of something to do, to say, to make him stay here.  Insult him, make him angry enough to start talking.  Or she could just call a do over and start talking herself.  But before she could decide on either option he stepped closer to her and leaned down close to her face.

“Put it on.”


“Put.  It.  On.  You know why you’re here.  Put it on and things may become more clear.  It’s more than jewelry and not a toy.  It holds a power that most would enjoy.  If you need me you’ll find me, but only if you’re ready.”

He sat his empty glass down and strode off toward the front door.  He was a couple of tables away before Nikki called after him with the first thing that came to mind.

“But what’s your name?”

He turned and smiled kindly.  “They called me Jayreel back in my day, but I think that you can simple call me Jay.”  He turned his back on her again and was gone.

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