Friday, September 26, 2014

Library fines on fines on fines....

I've been quite the procrastinator.  Quite a few things have not been done.  (Yes, that includes making posts on my blog, smarty pants.  :P )  I went through a spell where I wasn't writing and I sure wasn't reading.  I kind of blame it on my new job.  But more on that later.  I am writing again!  On a regular basis even.  Go me!  But I haven't been reading much...

Please don't go all Simba's Pride 'You are not one of us' on me yet!

Schedule changes are hard.  Especially when it messes with your sleep.  I usually read when I'm in bed but lately I start to feel guilty about staying up anymore.  I'm kind of hard to get going in the morning.  But just before I got this job I got a stack of books.  Like six books.  That I haven't started.

I'm not even near done with the first one.

These books are late now.  Really late.  They put a hold on your account so that you have to be under so many dollars to check out anything else.  They raised this amount from $5 to a whopping $25.  Surely I could never reach such an unattainable and high price in fines.

I reached that unattainable and high price in fines.

Now this could EASILY turn into a rant about how the books should be 'totally free'!  Why should I pay for a book that I kept too long.  Three weeks and being able to renew it twice for a total of 6 more additional weeks is NOT enough!

But I could also look at it practically.

I have six books all of which are hardcover.  Let's say that I bought those books from my local bookstore.  Hardbacks could easily cost $15-$20 depending on the popularity of the book and other things of course.  Buying one of those books would almost be the entirety of my fines.  Let's say that they each cost $15.  That would be $90 for six, not including tax.

I'm not going to pay that much for books.  That's too much like college.

So please, library, take every little cent that I owe you.  You may have it as long as you keep giving me access to free books.

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