Friday, February 14, 2014

A Poem on a Poetic Kind of Day

I thought that I should post something today so here's a poem I wrote.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  :)

Trash to Treasure

Every fall he cleans the gutters
Such a chore it makes him mutter
Then when he starts to get some rain
The old gutters drip by his window pane
His neighbor said 'they're just like rubble!
Get new ones that won't make puddles.'
So he paid to fix them right away
He got some new gutters the very next day
Then winter came, his favorite season!
His favorite for so many reasons
But the best was the decor
Nature itself put at his door
He picked up his camera, put a hat on his hair
But when he ran out his icicles weren't there
It was water the old gutters dripped on his head
That in winter would make those bright crystals instead
Though damaged, imperfect, they were still capable
Of using their flaws and making things beautiful

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