Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Feed - Mira Grant (review)

"Shaun and Georgia are orphans of the Rising, the cataclysmic event which left the world reeling in the aftermath of the zombie uprising. Adopted by the Masons and raised in the strange world of the post-Rising media, they've spent their lives chasing the next big story, the one that will allow them to break into the big leagues once and for all. Now, in Senator Peter Ryman's run for the Presidency of the United States, they've finally found it.
All they have to do is survive until the election.
In a world filled with the constant threat of both the living and the living dead, it will be all that Shaun and Georgia can do to keep themselves in one piece. Accompanied by the rest of their blogging team, Senator Ryman's staff, and a whole lot of caffeine, they might succeed...or they might finally answer the big question of their post-Rising world: When will you rise?"
        -- miragrant.com

This is the first book in Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy.  I'll admit that this was my very first zombie read.  I know, I'm behind the times.  And this book has made me wonder why I waited so long!

Shaun and Georgia, are wonderful characters.  Georgia has just the right amount of smarts and logic while Shaun is daring and would do almost anything for a good video clip.  Both of them were snarky and fun.  They balanced each other.  Their relationship, as brother and sister and as co-workers as well, showed that they knew that too.  I think that was part of what made me care about them.  It was kind of funny when I found myself caring more about them personally and their part in the Senator's run for the Presidency instead of the fact that there are zombies running around trying to eat people.

I feel like she was able to give the details about the world that they were dealing with now without sounding like she was giving an essay.  I appreciate that because that's where I start to lose interest sometimes if I get to an 'info dump' part of a story.  At the same time, she still was able to give a lot of information.  She told where the virus that created zombies started, different forms of the disease, the transformation from human to zombie, and how zombies act.  But not only about zombies but how the news has changed now and the different types of people that are working in the journalistic field.  I like having that knowledge even though I could have just been told 'there's zombies now' and I probably would have been fine with it too if I didn't think about it too much.

I wish that I had read more zombie books to know if any of this was unique to her book or not but at the same time I'm glad I could enjoy it without being able to make any comparisons.  It was a great read and I can't wait to get started on the next of the series.


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