Thursday, January 9, 2014

Howdy Strangers

Been awhile, hasn't it?

Well, while I don't really have any New Year's Resolutions, I've been trying this new thing where I don't spend every spare (and not so spare) moment that I have on the internet.

It got pretty bad.  Like, I was scrolling through news feeds and videos like it was my job.  And it literally was starting to feel like a job.  I would reach a point sometimes that I didn't even want to be doing it but felt like I had to.  Then I would get my common sense back and shut it down.

So what do I do with this new found free time?  Write, of course.  Then read, housework, exercise, get a job....  Wait, why am I doing this again?  -_-  Lol.

While I do intend to cut back on the web, I do hope to become less of a stranger here.  So how are you all?!

Until next time!

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