Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beautiful Books

I read Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore and I have to say that it is one beautiful book.  I know you're not suppose to judge a book by it's cover, and I'm not, but my goodness look at this thing.

I love the color of this.  Maybe it's just that I'm kind of partial to the colors blue and purple and keys too really.  Lol.  I love how they blend in with eachother and create the different hues.  Come to think of it, that says a lot about the story too!  The keys as well too, but I won't get into that though I might spoil it.

It's not just the outside either, it's the inside too.  There are all sorts of images on the inside.  The end pages (you know, the pages at the very front and back that are usually blank?  I think that's what they're called) have this really cool and weird swirly design on them.  And a map!  There's a map in front and I love it when there are maps.  Then the chapters are sectioned into parts and at the beginning of each part the pages with the title on it are covere with more beautiful art.  Even the chapter numbers are surrounded by a pretty looking key.

It makes me feel like I'm reading a storybook.  You know those storybooks that children would read with all the pictures and art and not to mention the really awesome stories?  Yeah, just like that.  I'm a pretty big nerd about books huh?  Lol.

What is the most beautiful or just plain book that you've ever seen?  Do you judge books by their covers or do you think people really do?

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