Saturday, July 28, 2012

Literature is Important Too

I like the tribute that London did to represent their contribution to Children's Literature in the Opening Ceremonies.  Granted it was a little creepy and confusing, to be honest, but it was still super cool.

If you didn't see it, they actually had J.K. Rowling read a passage from Peter Pan to start them off.  After she was done the announcer had said that Rowling was nervous to do something like that.  Well, yeah, it's the Olympics.  The WORLD IS WATCHING.  I'd be nervous too.  But if someone asks you to do something that's this huge you shouldn't back out for no better reason then you're scared.

So then they had a whole sequence involving Voldemort, Cruella De Vil, the Queen of Hearts, and Mary Poppins.  I'm serious.  This is the confusing part.  It was suppose to be a child's dream/nightmare and Mary Poppins came to save the day.  Lol!  You'll have to see it to make any sense of it further than that.  Aside from Harry Potter though, I had no idea that these stories had connections there.  I don't know that I've even really thought about the orgins of different books before.

I just thought that it was really cool that they're so proud of the people from their country and the works they produced.  It makes me hope to write something that will make people just as proud to live where I'm from.

Another commentator, who was talking about Rowling, said that she made it 'cool to read again'.  I agree.  Reading has become the cliche 'boring and nerdy' thing to do but Harry Potter is one of those books that the majority of people have gotten around to reading.  Even so, you have to remember that there had to be a good amount of avid readers that gave it a try and liked it enough to spread it around before it became a household name.

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