Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spoiler Alert!- This post is about Spoilers.

Oh Internet, you know spoilers all too well.

Oh my gosh, how could he do that at the end?!

My favorite character ISN'T DEAD after all!

Finally, they kissed/fought/made up/killed each other in this episode!!!!!
- signed, most show/book fanatics at some point in their lives

All of the books I've been reading lately have been sequels or some part of a series.  It makes me really nervous to post a review on them.  What if I say too much or something that's not revealed till the end of the last one?  Is it normal to do reviews for a following book in a series?  I wouldn't mind it if I knew one thing: HOW DO I KEEP FROM SPOILING EVERYTHING?!?!

Spoilers run rampant in sequels.  Let's name a couple, shall we?

-We know the character is still alive if we know there's a second book.  I mean, I guess it's possible that it would continue from another character's perspective but.... come on now.

- The next one usually starts off where the last one ended.  If not exactly where the last one ended.  Ex. - After the epic battle that they defeated the villain in, they went home.  (OK, maybe not that obvious but close.)

If I really wanted to do a review of a sequel or any kind of continuation how can I avoid feeling like I've ruined it for someone?  Do you do reviews of sequels?  Has anyone ever spoiled something for you?

I'm off to create an automatic spoiler sensor.  See you guys later.

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