Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Valentine Short

This short is actually just a part of a story that I think I want to finish. Seemed fitting since Valentine's Day is coming up. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :)

The dessert was a strange place for The Backstreet Boys to show up. Hanna wasn’t complaining though, she thought they were kind of hot. Next thing she knew, she was being shaken awake and rolled over to find her sister standing over her looking really annoyed.

“This better be really important,” Hanna said. “It’s still dark out and I would like to go back to being serenaded.” She could still hear the music so maybe if she went back to sleep real quick she can get back there. It was fading though and something was off about it.

“Yeah? Well, I want it to stop so go out and get your boyfriend.”

“What boyfriend? You know I don’t have one anymore. What are you even talking about?”

Her sister went to their window. “I’m talking about Larry who apparently wants to change your relationship status.” She yanked the window open and the music got louder. Way louder. And Larry was singing horribly over top of it to The Backstreet Boys, The Meaning of Being Lonely. She really shouldn’t be surprised.

Hanna rolled out of bed and stuck her head out of the now open window only to see Larry staggering in front of their motion sensed light, cradling a stereo in his arms.

“Larry, what are you doing?”

“I’m singing about my feelings to you!”

“We broke up two months ago, Larry.”

“I know! And it sucks. You’re so awesome, Hanna.”

“Are you drunk!?”

“I might’ve had a drink… or twelve.”

She came back inside when she heard her bedroom door open and her mom came in. “What is going on out there?”

“Hanna’s ex is drunk outside and he won’t be quiet!” Her sister yelled the last part at the window.

“Shut up, Meghan. He’ll leave soon.” She just grunted and pulled the covers over her head.
Hanna went back to the window and leaned out. “Where did you get that thing?”

“My friend let me borrow it. And the CD was in my sister’s car. Perfect!”

“Did you drive here?!”

“Nah, it was nice out and I thought I’d walk. Stupid sister wouldn’t give me her keys anyways.”

Her mom came up behind her. “Is this what you kids do? You get into college and it’s all drinking and love making.”

“Mom!” Hanna and Meghan stopped her at the same time. Hanna held her face in her hands. This was getting worse by the second. She could already see lights coming on in their neighbor’s windows.

“You have to leave. Now. Someone’s going to call the cops.”

“But there are so many words for the broken heart!”

“You’re lucky your father sleeps like a log or he would have already called the cops.”

“Someone is going to have to call the cops for me and an ambulance for him in a minute.” Meghan bolted to the window and pushed Hanna out of the way. “Seriously! Some of us have things to do in the morning!”

“I can’t go until I talk to Hanna. Tell me why I can’t be there where you are!”

“Larry, please.” Hanna nudged Meghan away and she flopped herself back into her bed. “Look, you’ve convinced me. I’ll talk to you in the morning, text you or something, but you have got to stop the music.”

“Score! Knew I could get you back. No one can fight the Backstreet Boys.” He finally shut off the stereo and sat next to it on the ground. “Don’t worry, I’ll just stay here. We’ll talk over breakfast. I’ll make you an omelet.”

Their mother looked out of the window and sighed. “I’m going to get that poor boy inside.”

“No!” Hanna caught her wrist as she tried to leave the room. “Please do not do that. I’ll call his sister and she’ll come get him in a few minutes. Just let me handle this ok?”

She looked at her hard for a moment then said, “Ten minutes. That’s it, then he’s sleeping it off on the couch.”

Luckily, Hanna had already been texting and his sister messaged her back just as her mom was leaving her room. 'Oh man, I’m on my way' she read then took another look out of the window before closing it and going back to bed. The light had gone out but she could still see the dark lump that Larry made.

She sat on her bed and, in spite of everything, she laughed. She didn’t know if it was because this situation was totally bizarre or because that same spontaneity was part of why she fell for him in the first place.

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