Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sell Out

My 'Dream Job'? Sitting in my office, writing. Going on book tours, seeing people holding my book, signing them, maybe even working up nerve to talk to groups if asked...

Yeah, I know. From where I'm sitting now, way far off from my dream office, that's a pretty big day dream. For now I need a little bit of a more 'realistic' job. I've been looking into bookstores and such (right now I'm crossing my fingers for a phone call) but so far no luck.

I'm probably just being weird (no comment) but somehow I think I put it in my mind that if I didn't work somewhere that had something to do with books or writing then that's a sign I'm giving up. Like taking any other job said 'Oh well, I tried'. Finally though, after the hope of the phone ringing for me this time has lowered only slightly, I can see around that.


You know, it's been a couple days since I wrote that first part. I didn't get called back, but I've had some time to think and I believe I've come to a conclusion. Some big steps have to be taken soon in the direction of building my writing career.

If I got a job at the place I applied at that would've rocked. I mean, it was a bookstore. What more could I have asked for? But even so, I would still have that day dream dangling just over my head. Sure, I would have a stable, dependable cash flow but I shouldn't treat a job somewhere else as my end point when what I really want is for it to be a stepping stone on the way to my real goal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being naive. I know that I'm not going to send out one query letter then become the next J. K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer. I know I'll need a job to pay the bills if not forever then for at least now. Maybe not something that deals with writing or selling books but hopefully one that I don't wake up dreading. Meanwhile, I have some heavy plans to make. Believe me, the wheels are turning.

I'll let you guys know if anything solid comes up. :)

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