Monday, April 3, 2017

Ants In Your Pants- A to Z Challenge 2017 #1

"What are you doing?"
"Picking up rolly pollys."
Tony leaned over to see them skittering over Lizzie's hand just as the teacher blew the whistle.
"Here."  Lizzie pulled on his pocket and stuffed her buggy hand in.
"Be still!  I don't have enough room in my pockets."
"You're taking these inside?  To the classroom?"
"Yeah.  How else am I gonna get them home?"
Tony rolled his eyes and helped her.

Inside, they both agreed to empty their pencil boxes and make a home for their new friends.
"Get your books ready and remember the desk check for points later."
The messy prone groaned while the organizers pumped fists.  Tony and Lizzie gave eachother a look. If they took their stuff out and stuck it in their desk then they would cost their group points.  Lizzie sat down carefully and Tony followed suit.

They got through the day, got their groups points, and Lizzie was ready to rush out the door when her name was called.  Her mom asked how her day was while trying not to notice her wiggle in her seat.
Homework.  Wiggle. Dinner.  Scratch.  How could these little things be so itchy?

"Ok.  Off to the shower."
"Ok!"  She all but ran from the table.

As soon as she was ready for the shower she felt better.  Lizzie peeked into her pockets and nudged the little bugs around and they rolled back and forth but eventually uncurled themselves and moved around.

"Ok, good.  Just stay put.  You're almost home."

Her mother came in and over the sound of the water running on Lizzie's head she could hear a muffled scream.

"Elizabeth Jane!  Why are there bugs in your pants?"

"Mom!  Don't step on them!  Don't step on them!"

"You are NOT keeping these in my house.  You will get out of that shower and get these outside."

"Ah man..."

Perhaps she could get a box to keep them in her desk at school.  Maybe she would ask later.  She didn't think now was the time.

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