Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4: With Pencil-breaking Speed!

Word Count: 4621/50000
I went to my first write-in this month today and, oh my goodness, my hand probably could have fell off!  I wrote a little over 2000 words in two hours!  That's about 1000 an hour!  HAND WRITTEN!!  Ehem, sorry.  That just makes me really happy.  :D

Line of the Day:
She didn't want to freak him out, because she would totally freak out if she woke up somewhere strange without an article of her clothing no matter how good the intentions of the person who took them were.

And that could be taken out of line...  Lol!  At this point our main male character is still passed out and our Female main character was thinking about trying to do something about his scrapes and bruises.

And that's the end of the first weekend.  Let's see if I can't keep up the momentum through the usual weekly duties.

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