Saturday, September 8, 2012

Old School Email

There's this thing outside my house.  Kind of like a box on a short pole.  A mailbox, right.  Almost every day someone in a truck drives by to put some paper in it.  What's that stuff called?

Oh yeah.  MAIL.

What happened to the times when someone you actually knew would write you a letter?!  I remember loving to write letters to one of my friends who moved away when we were little because talking on the house phone for a few hours cost too much.  There was just something about knowing that you should be getting something soon or wondering if they got yours yet.  It was like getting a present.

Then we were introduced to cellphones, then social networking, and that was the end of the written word.

Ok, let me be fair.  Cellphones and the Internet are so much easier.  I mean, what do I expect, a formal written invitation every time a friend wants to go shopping?  Nope, a simple text does the trick in a few seconds.  Find a random funny video?  Just copy it to the nearest social network site.  I don't think I even use email anymore unless it's for school or business because I can just message someone on facebook.

It just seemed so special that someone took the time to sit down, write some thoughts out, then go out and mail something so personal.  I guess I'm just nostalgic...  I still have a bunch of those letters.  Lol.

When was the last time you wrote or received a letter from someone? I might go find out how much a postcard cost to send now.


  1. Im'ma get your address next writer's group and send you a legit letter. PREPARE.