Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 12 Things in my Life that Reading/Writing Gave to me

Tis the season for cold winter weather and holiday cheer. I'm feeling particularly in the holiday spirit tonight because snow decided to make an appearance. Yea! I might be in the minority but that makes me happy. So I call for CHRISTMAS THEMED BLOG POSTS! Yes!

So I would like to talk about the 12 things in my life that reading and writing gave to me, minus the partridge in a pear tree:

12 thousand new friends
I have made so many new friends just through the shared love of writing. Whether you're in real life or here in the Internet life I appreciate you guys so much for inspiring me and keeping my creative fire burning.

11 hundred lost pencils
I promise, it's like every time I turn around I can't find a pencil. Even if I was just using it then it would be gone in two seconds. I'll blame it on a tiny pencil thief.

10 hurting fingers
From typing to writing and back to typing these fingers keep moving and they can get a little tired. I've mentioned that I write by hand before. That wore my hand out this past month especially.

9 ways to procrastinate (at least)
I can find any reason to drop what I'm doing and read a book. And when I start reading I can spend forever in the pages no matter what has to be done. Is it wrong that I find that fantastic?

8 half empty journals
Probably more than that really. I like finding journals from when I was a kid and seeing what it was that I thought was so important back then. They were never full though, always had a bunch of empty pages sitting at the back.

7 days of 'vacation' a week
Have you ever heard someone say something about escaping into a book? How you can go anywhere when you have something to read? That's true. I lose track of time when I'm in a good book and even when I'm writing. I'm not thinking about anything that's going on in real life, just what's in my own made up world.

6 dollars of library fines
Unfortunately that's not a grand total. That's more like a bi-monthly thing. I told you I have problems with procrastination...

If you do NaNoWriMo then you know what I'm talking about. OK, so I don't know if they're really gold and I don't believe there are only 5. When I get those creative juices flowing it's like plots populate my brain like bunnies reproducing. It's fantastic and horrible all at the same time. How am I suppose to write all these ideas at once!?

4 favorite snack foods
Chips, hot chocolate, tea, and candy. Anything hand held. Enough said.

3 hurting body parts
Most recently it has become my wrist. I may have carpal tunnel. Yea... Then when I'm staying up late reading or writing I usually get a headache and that's followed by a stomach ache. No fun.

2 sore eyes
Reading for a long amount of time can be really bad on my eyes and usually leads to one of the three things before. Not to mention looking at a computer screen for just as long when I'm typing something up.

And a binder full of short stories
The binder I have full of my stories from years ago till recently is one of the things that I love the most. It not only shows just how much work I've put into what is now going to be my career but a reminder of how I have so much fun with it. Most of the stories that I have in there is from before I ever thought of writing as a career. I see those and I remember why I do what I do.

What's a few of your twelve things that writing has given you?


  1. Writing has given me so much. A chance to create. To make something where there was nothing. An escape. A way of getting away from reality when I need to. And, I think most importantly, the chance to touch others.

  2. Hi Sarah...or is it Darah?!
    This is Eri from KanMoWriCo (eriz) just saying hi and happy holidays!

  3. It really is an escape, isn't it? You can be or make anything you want to when you write. It's awesome.

  4. Hey Eri! The real world knows me as Sarah but I answer to just about anything. Lol! :) You have a happy holiday too and try to stay warm.

  5. LOL!! Awesome post! I loved the library fines *shifts eyes around* I think my library fines are at a max right now.... *gulp* LUCKILY that's only ten dollars

  6. Thanks! Oh boy, there had to be so many times I had to pay a fine before they let me check anything else out. Lol.