Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love: One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia – Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert went through a tough time when she and her husband got divorced. She felt as though she needed something more in her life and she set out to look for it. This true story follows Gilbert’s travels from the best places to eat to a medicine man’s home while meeting a handful of the most interesting people.

I thought that this was a fantastic book. It’s an emotional roller coaster just reading it and I can’t imagine actually living the events. What made it even better for me is that I love to travel and traveling alone is something I’ve heard that everyone should do. I was a little leery about that idea, I still am to be honest, but if I were to ever work up the nerve to go that far alone I can only hope that I meet as many funny, witty, and insightful people along the way.

I do have to say that, although it grabbed my attention at the beginning, near the middle it started to slack for me but then it picked back up near the end. But overall it was a great read.

Eat, Pray, Love was also recently made into a movie titled the same as the book. I haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet but I just might have to check it out.


  1. Hi, stopping over from your comment about NaNoWriMo. YES! I'm still way deep in edits of last year's novel. But that's not gonna stop me from participating this year!

    Anyway, like your blog. New follower! :)

  2. Won't stop me either! Lol. I somehow get more done when I'm racing a clock. Let's see if I can't be done editing before NaNo without rushing it too much.

    By the way, thanks for following! Glad to have you. :)

  3. Uh oh. Looks like I posted under my other account. Sorry if that was confusing. Lol.