Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello, October.

With October comes fall, Halloween, pumpkin flavored everything.

It also means its Plot all the Things month.  Well, unofficially of course and only for me that I know of.  National Novel Writing Month starts in less than 29 days and I like to give myself the extra challange of not plotting until October hits.

I know.  Pantsers around the world might be saying 'You give yourself a whole month?'

Yeah.  The problem is if I don't outline stuff I then have a reason to stare into space and call it 'thinking'.  And the problem with ploting is that you have to have a solid idea in the first place.

Anyone else in the plotting boat with me or are you simply waiting till November to go where ever it takes you?  Either way, here's to getting those creative juices flowing.

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