Saturday, December 1, 2012

And the NaNoWriMo verdict is...

...that I WON!! :D

It took me to the very last minute but I got there.  You probably know that I write my NaNo by hand but when it got to 10 pm and I was still about 3k words away from the 50k I got on the computer and typed the last bit up in the last hour and 15 mins.  Lol.  I couldn't let myself not finish when I was that close!

FINAL word count: 50005/50000


So I didn't finish the entire story yet but I think that I will.  I want to do a little outlining first I think but the very last sentence that I wrote was in the word document: (*Marcia* was my 50000 word I think)

They had to figure out a way to get out of trouble or to at least to not look like they were being suspicious and so they found a wall and Adan cornered *Marcia* and started to kiss her!

So how did my fellow Wrimos do?  Did you make your goal?  It's December so have a rest now everyone.  You deserve it!

(Huh, just noticed that this is my 100th published post.  Appropriate!  :D )


  1. You typed the last of it! To be honest, I didn't doubt your mental ability to write all those words that last day; but to physically write that many words by hand...

    1. Yeah! I really wasn't going to make it if I hadn't typed that last 3k. Lol.