Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Time!

Yes, I've been away a few weeks, but now that finals are over and school is out (Sort of.  I'm taking summer classes too.) I can relax for a few weeks and get back to normal for a bit.

What sort of plans do you have for the summer?  As far as writing related stuff goes, I hope to finish last year's NaNo project.  I know, I'm STILL not done with it.  Don't judge me too badly.  Lol.  Then, if I can do that in time, I'd like to do at least one of the Camp NaNo months.  I had another story started that I'd like to finish too.  Somewhere in between there I'd like to write some more poetry for a project I thought about doing, which ties into the planning that I'll be doing for this year's Night of Writing Dangerously.  As of right now I do intend on going to it again this year AND I will be doing a 24 hour 'write-a-thon'.  More on that later though.  :)  And of course, before school starts again, I will be reading as many books as I can.  What's on your reading list?  Any suggestions?

Wow.  That's a lot of stuff seeing it all written out.  I better get on that!  See you later!

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