Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1!

Whew! I'm wore out.

Surprised to see me? It's Monday you say? Well, I neglected to mention that I will be trying to post here every so often during November to let you know how I'm doing and to see how you're doing! Surprise! And now I'm about to pass out.

Yesterday was Halloween of course so I went trick or treating with some relatives and some little ones. I got home at a pretty good time actually. I had enough time to get comfy with my notebook and a little coffee as I waited for the minutes to pass to midnight with a pencil in my hand. As soon as it hit I started writing. I think I got a few hundred as a head start but now I'm proud to say that I'm ahead! 1774 words on day one. Complete awesomeness for me anyway. I'd say I'm off to a good start.

Anyways, how are you doing?! My NaNo friends, are you on schedule, ahead, behind? How'd you spend your last free day? Non-NaNo friends, how is what you're working on?

Off to sleep while I can now. Keep those words coming!


  1. Great to hear you're ahead! I haven't started yet. Whoops! I think I'm going to spend a few hours tonight getting some writing done.

  2. Thanks! Awesome. You still have time. Last year I was atleast a day's word count behind up until the last week and still made it. Release those words! Lol.